Bulletin for suppliers: Amfori invites producers to the new Sustainability Platform

Migration to the new amfori Sustainability Platform has started on the 10th of May.

Amfori will send registration e-mails to all producers that currently have profiles and are linked in Alko’s supply chain in the old platform. The e-mail includes instructions how to create a profile in the new Platform. Please note that in the future, the producer is responsible for maintaining profiles in the Sustainability Platform. This new policy is outlined by amfori.

In case you or your business partner have received and e-mail from amfori, please accept the invitation and act according instruction so that the migration will proceed as planned. The migration and data transfer concerns only producers and does not require actions from suppliers.

If you have any problems in accessing or would like more information on the amfori Sustainability Platform, contact info@amfori.org.