Bulletin for Suppliers: Bonsucro and amfori trainings in September and October

Water, shade, rest and sanitation (Bonsucro) and BSCI for producers (amfori) webinars are held in English and Spanish.

Water, shade, rest and sanitation webinar

Bonsucro organises a webinar on September 28th at 3:00 PM BST in collaboration with Vinmonopolet, Systembolaget, Alko and La Isla Network. The Water, shade, rest and sanitation webinar introduces issues on heat stress and the damaging effects it may have on field workers. The training aims to provide better understanding of the health risks and offer simple ways to improve working conditions. The training is directed to producers and companies sourcing products from the sugar cane sector. The event invitation and registration is found on Bonsucro’s website.

BSCI for producers webinar

amfori offers a basic training package BSCI for producers especially for South American wine producers. The training will be held in Spanish and it is available on amfori academy.

See the invitation below:

On October 5 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Argentine time) we will carry out a training on BSCI for Producers in Spanish. This training will help producers to implement BSCI and certainly have a better auditing experience, but mainly to create value for their companies through good BSCI implementation. Since BSCI covers different topics, we recommend that participants from different areas of the company participate such as: Sustainability, HHRR, Health and Safety, Grape Sourcing, Agriculture, Purchasing. The registration must be done through the Academy. Please contact Jimena Sanchez (jimena.sanchez@amfori.org ) for help.

Below you will find the message in Spanish so you can reach the producers through your importers.

El 5 de Octubre de 11 a 13:30 h. (Hora argentina) realizaremos una capacitación sobre BSCI para Productores en español. Esta es la versión más corta del BSCI cara a cara que solíamos realizar cuando el COVID no existía; o). Esta capacitación ayudará a los productores a implementar BSCI y ciertamente a tener una mejor experiencia de auditoría, pero principalmente a crear valor para sus empresas a través de una buena implementación de BSCI. Dado que BSCI cubre diferentes temas, recomendamos que participen participantes de diferentes áreas de la empresa como: Sustentabilidad, HHRR, Salud y Seguridad, Abastecimiento de Uva, Agricultura, Compras.

La inscripción debe realizarse a través de la Academia. Por favor contactarse con Jimena Sanchez ( Jimena.sanchez@amfori.org ) en el caso que surjan dudas o no puedan registrarse.