Bulletin for suppliers: Carbon Neutral and Ethical symbols are introduced in Alko’s customer communication from 21 January 2021

Carbon Neutral as a new Green Choice symbol, and Ethical symbol will gather different ethical certifications.

The Carbon Neutral is a new Green Choice product information. As the climate crisis becomes more and more concrete in beverage production areas around the world and in the daily lives of Finns, the interest for carbon-neutral products has also increased. Alko aims to serve customers who aspire to a low-carbon lifestyle with the Carbon Neutral symbol. The Carbon Neutral symbol is marked to a product based on the information given in the Partner Network by a supplier. Alko has approved in advance nine different issuers of carbon neutrality certifications

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The Sustainability Certificate symbol was previously called the Local Sustainability Certificate. The updated name without the word local is a part of preparing to use also international environmental certifications, and to have a possibility to give a symbol for also other product groups’ products than wines.

Ethical symbol is for all ethically certificated products. In future, the Ethical symbol is marked for those products, which have some of these ethical certifications:

A supplier can add the information of the ethical certification in an offer for a new product or update the information in the Partner Network for the products that are in Alko’s selection.

The aim is to treat all certifications equal and harmonize communication in the groups of Ethical & Green Choices. The development of international certifications is constantly monitored, and in the future other ethically certified products can be found under the Ethical symbol.

Despite the change, consumers still have visibility to information about the organization that issued the certificate. The customer can still find detailed information on the certification of a product marked with the Ethical symbol (e.g. Fairtrade) in Alko's shop on the product's price tag (text information) or product packaging (certification mark) and in Alko Online shop’s product information (text information). The text search function in Alko Online shop can also find Fairtrade products.

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The kosher symbol is removed from the products made according to Jewish guidelines. In future the kosher symbol can be found from product packaging and in Alko's shop on the product's price tag (text information). The text search function in Alko Online shop and in Alko app can also find the kosher products.