Bulletin for suppliers: New certifications are accepted under the Ethical symbol

The Ethical symbol indicates a product that has an international or country-of-origin certification. This indicates that measures are taken to promote human rights in the production of the beverage.

Product changes are being made in the Partner Network.
The symbol brings together ethical certifications that consider in their criteria not only human rights, but also environmental aspects at different stages of production. In the alcoholic beverage sector, there are e.g. international, geographically linked, raw material-specific and industry-independent ethical certifications.

The acceptability of certifications for obtaining the Ethical symbol is assessed in relation to the following ethical principles:

  • The rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • No discrimination
  • Fair remuneration
  • Decent working hours
  • Occupational health and safety
  • No child labour
  • Special protection for young workers
  • No precarious employment
  • No bonded labour
  • Ethical business behavior

Certification must be verified by a third party. The product package must bear the official mark of the issuer of the certificate, which indicates this certification. The Ethical symbol will be marked in product information based on information provided in Partner Network.

Currently, the certifications that get the Ethical symbol are available in the Partner Network and can be chosen for both the offer and the product change:

  • Bonsucro NEW
  • Fair for Life
  • For life 
  • Fair Trade
  • Fair Trade USA (Fair Trade Certified -Agricultural Production Standard (APS) NEW
  • Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) NEW

Alko actively monitors the criteria for different certifications and their development. Acceptable certifications under the Ethical symbol will be updated as necessary.

Reporting and updating information

For new products, the information can already be announced when offering the product. The supplier is responsible for the accuracy and updating of the information. Alko will check the validity of the information, fulfillment of criteria and product labeling. The supplier can make a product change in the Partner Network for products that already are in Alko's selection. 


  • New certifications can be added through the Partner Network as a product change from 16 March 2021.
  • Please make product changes for new certifications to the Partner Network before 16 April 2021, coming in to effective on 1 June 2021.
    • By doing so, we minimize the extra work required to replace price tags in the shops.
    • The product changes announced in this way will be visible to customers at the beginning of the pricing period starting from 1 June 2021.
  • Product changes can then be made according to the normal process.

It is also possible for the supplier to add another certification that meets the requirements of the ethical certification symbol and indicates its official name in the Partner Network. Alko will check that the requirements have been met before adding the symbol to the product.

Customer communication and Ethical symbol

In Alko's shop, the Ethical symbol appears on the product's price tag. You can find detailed information on the certification of a product marked with the Ethical symbol in Alko's shop on the product's price tag, product packaging and on the Alko Online shop's product card. In addition, any product that has the Ethical symbol may be marked with a turquoise shelfnote. For customers, the Ethical symbol is presented in the alko.fi article The Ethical symbol indicates that wellbeing of people is taken into consideration. In addition, the symbol is visible in the search filters and product cards of the Alko Online shop and mobile application.