Bulletin for suppliers: New price calculator has been released

The price calculator for year 2022 has been released.

The price calculator 2022_V1 has been updated on 9 November 2021: 

• The limit for the lowest tax group for beers rises from 2.8% to 3.5% by volume of ethyl alcohol. As a result, the tax rate for this group rises to 28.35 cents per centiliter of ethyl alcohol.

• PALPA's recycling fee for an aluminum can is reduced by 0.00933 € -> € 0.00140 €. Recycling fees for plastic and glass bottles will not change.

Central warehouse and shop delivery costs as well as freight charges will change on 1 January 2022 and will be considered in the Price calculator 2022_V1. The new charges will apply to products with a listing date on or after 1 January 2022. For the products in the selection, the payments will be updated for the next price period and will be valid in March 2022.

New volume classes are:

Volume class (=sales volume per unit during a 12-month period)

Cost in euro per literfrom 1 Jan 2022 onwards

over 25 000 units


4 000 – 25 000 units


under 4 000 units


sale-to-order selection


liquid cardboard packagings


The following cost classes are applied for new products:

  • for general selection products, specialties and seasonal selection products, the cost of volume class corresponding to the estimated demand in the tender
  • for sale-to-order selection products, the cost of the sale-to-order selection class
  • for bag-in-boxes and liquid cardboard packages, the cost of their own volume class.

Freight charges will also be updated. Please note that as of 1 January 2022, the division of freight charges will change: general selection products, seasonal products and larger specialties will be priced according to the same charge category. A different payment category is used for smaller specialties. See updated freight charges here.

The price calculator 2022_V1 is available on Alko’s for suppliers webpages.

There are two different price calculators (Price calculator 2021_V2 and Price calculator 2022_V1) in the Partner Network. The right price calculator is chosen as follows depending on the listing date of the product.

Price calculator 2021_V2 is used for:

- For products whit a listing date on year 2021
- Sale-to-order selection’s products offered by 19 November 2021. These products are aimed to be listed during 2021, but if the offer process is severely congested, this schedule can’t be guaranteed. (The offer needs to be filled in correctly and product’s registration to Palpa recycling system must be in Palpa’s update run on 15 November 2021, for the product to have the possibility to be listed in normal two weeks process time.)

Price calculator 2022_V1 is used for:

- For products whit a listing date on year 2022
- Sale-to-order selection’s products that will be listed in year 2022 (the offer is submitted after 20 November 2021) and for those sale-to-order products which registration to Palpa recycling system is not ready in the Palpa’s update run on 15 November 2021.