Bulletin for suppliers: Request for supply chain information by 31 May 2021

If you are supplying products into Alko’s general selection, this is an important message for you. Please read carefully the instructions below.

Responsible purchasing in Alko is based on the UN's compacts and initiatives as well as other relevant internationally recognized conventions and directives. With the focus on the procurement of alcoholic beverages, the aim is to create operative and follow-up principles through which it is possible to influence ethical practices of the suppliers of alcoholic beverages and draw attention to the principles of sustainable development.

In order to effectively conduct due diligence and monitoring program Alko annually gathers detailed information behind our products. For this reason, we are sending out this questionnaire (attached) to understand and to update the supply chains (product’s physical journey from the raw material into a bottled product).

Please fill in all information requested into the attached Excel-sheet as follows:

1. Information for all the products that are in Alko’s general selection or has been purchased into Alko’s general selection AND has a country of origin OR area of origin mentioned in the attachment.

2. Please don’t forget to mention Alko’s product number. For the new products that don’t yet have a product number, please leave the space empty.

3. Information of producer’s possible certifications, audits done and the validation of an audit.

4. Farms-section is for the farms used in the last harvest for the product. The area that is usually most exposed to risks is the primary production part.

5. Please note that Contact person (if applicable, same as amfori platform).

Make sure the filled producer information is really the “actual” producer (e.g. crushing grapes - making the wine or distilling the rum) or is the information for the bottling facility or even for the brand owner. Write the information to the correct sections on the questionnaire.

Please note:

• Excel-sheet that is not complete or the structure has been modified will be returned to the supplier for completion and/or correction.
• Also note that we have updated the questionnaire (old version is no longer applicable).
• Check carefully the list of origins. New countries and areas have been added in the list (updated from last year).
• Check carefully the list of certifications. New certifications have been added in the list (updated from last year).
• The questionnaire shall be completed and returned annually even if no change in information.
• Providing supply chain information is mandatory according to Alko’s Listing Procedure.

This message has been published only in English to be used when communicating directly with producers and their sub-suppliers.

Please submit the requested information before 31 May 2021.

Return address and further information: responsible.purchasing@alko.fi