Bulletin for suppliers: Suppliers’ virtual product fair on September 2021

The suppliers’ product fair for Alko personnel is organized virtually on 29 September 2021. 

Due the situation caused by coronavirus the events are still not possible to be organized live. Therefore, the suppliers and Alko's Shop Assortment Experts and Educators are invited to the virtual fair event, which is held on 29 September 2021 at 9.30-15.30. There will be 60-minute lunch break at the fair. Estimated turnout for Alko’s participants is 150 persons.

The suppliers’ virtual product fair is focused on sharing information and discussion. There will be no tasting in the event and therefore, sending of samples is not allowed. The participating suppliers are asked to prepare also for providing a possible video material in advance. The concept of the fair will be the same than in the Spring 2021. The theme of the fair is the Christmas season.

Only companies that are Alko's suppliers or supplier's agents have the right to participate to the fair. The fair can be participated by two people per a company. Suppliers need to submit a registration for the virtual product fair by 18 August 2021. On the registration form, suppliers need to announce information about two participants.

Before the fair, we will still ask suppliers to send us the following information on a separate form:

- five main products suppliers will present
- information for the fair stand and
- link to the video (optional) 

The form for the information will be sent separately to the participants and the information must be submitted about two weeks before the fair.


Please make sure that the email addresses are correct on the registration form. The more specific information will be sent to the email addresses given in the registration. Before the fair, a rehearsal will be held on 27 September 2021 at 10:00 am.

More information:
Kati Jalkanen (kati.jalkanen@alko.fi)
Jussi Tan (jussi.tan@alko.fi)