Bulleting for suppliers: The Supplier's emission calculator helps to estimate carbon dioxide emissions

The emission calculator enables you to assess the emissions caused by the production of products and their packaging as well as transportation.

Alko and Gaia Consulting have built the Supplier’s emission calculator that can be used to assess and optimise carbon dioxide emissions. The calculator enables you to assess the CO2 emissions caused by the production of your products and their packaging as well as transportation. The tool can be used to calculate the annual emissions of your entire portfolio or inspect and compare the carbon footprints of individual products, for instance.

The calculator is based on the carbon footprint of products standard (ISO 14067:2018) but it does not meet the standard's criteria for calculating product's carbon footprint or communicating carbon footprint to consumers. The calculation uses average emission factors for the production of different beverages and packages, and only takes fossil CO2 emissions into account. Calculator produces coarse results for the carbon footprint of products.

Calculator is based on the model of Alko’s Climate impact study

In last July, we published Alko's Climate Impact Study 2020. According to the study Alko's organizational carbon footprint in 2020 was about 149,500 tCO2e. The aim of the study is to help us identify the relevant sources of greenhouse gas emissions and concretise the current level of emissions and the possibilities for reducing emissions. The study was carried out by Gaia Consulting. The Supplier’s emission calculator is created based on the model created to implement the climate impact study.

Download the Supplier’s Emission Calculator here (.xlsm) >>

If you have any questions about the calculator, please contact:

Maiju Sirviö
Sustainable Development Specialist
maiju.sirvio ( at ) alko.fi