Bulletin for suppliers: Updates for Green Choice product information

Additions in Environmentally Responsible Packaging product information and Sustainability Certifications.

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

The Environmentally Responsible Packaging product information, which is part of the Green Choices, includes lighter glass bottles as well as environmentally and origin-certified packaging.

The Environmentally Responsible Packaging symbol for the lighter glass bottle will now also be possible for example, sherry, port, madeira, marsala, malaga, vermouth, fortified fruit wines, mulled wines and flavored fortified wines. For these products, the same weight limit applies to a lighter glass bottle as for wines in general: the product receives the Environmentally Responsible Packaging symbol if its glass bottle weighs no more than 420 g (0.75 liters).

It will be possible to communicate this information with offers for new products and products in the selection from 10 June 2021.

Sustainability Certifications

The Green Choice Sustainability Certification symbol brings together international or country-of-origin certificates that take into account the principles of sustainable development in the cultivation of raw materials and the production of beverages.

So far only wines have been able to receive this symbol but the introduction of B Corporation -certification makes it possible for products in other product groups to be marked with the Sustainability Certification symbol. During the spring, the list of approved Sustainability Certifications for wine countries has also expanded to include the UK. Certification is awarded by Sustainable Wines of Great Britain.

This information can already be communicated both with new product offers and with products in the selection.