Bulletin for suppliers: Water and Human Rights webinar presentation materials now available

Alko and the other Nordic alcohol monopolies arranged a stakeholder webinar on Water and Human Rights on 18 November 2020.

In November, 2020 a webinar was organized to start deepening our understanding of how water scarcity and human rights risk are interconnected in the alcoholic beverage industry. Our special focus was directed to four wine regions which already suffer from climate change and worsening droughts; results of a related study were outlined by the webinar keynote speaker. Both the study and webinar were part of the sustainability collaboration among the Nordic Alcohol Monopolies: Alko (Finland), Systembolaget (Sweden), Vinmonopolet (Norway), Vinbúdin (Iceland) and Rúsdrekkasøla Landsins (Faroe Islands). Thank you for participating of the Water and Human Rights webinar. Please find below the presentation slides in .pdf format and links to webinar recordings.

Presentation materials (in .pdf format)

Elin Weyler, Programme Manager, Stocholm International Water Institute

Ullrich Adam, Director General, Spirits Europe

Eskild Andersen, Sustainability Manager, Carlsberg Group

Erna Blancquert, (PhD) Department of Viticulture and Oenology, Faculty of AgriSciences

Allison Jordan, Executive Director, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Webinar recordings

Part 1: Opening words Magdalena Gerger + Elin Weyler

Part 2: Ullrich Adam, Eskild Andersen, Erna Blancquert

Part 3: Alison Jordan

Part 4: Conclusions and findings