Invitation to suppliers: Welcome to the Supplier event on 22 September 2021

You are warmly welcome to Alko’s supplier event.   

The Supplier event in September will be organized virtual via the Teams application. In addition to topical items, you will hear about the sales of the year 2021, the changes for the next Listing instructions as well as key points regarding the Christmas season. In addition, we will review latest news for Alko’s online shop and go through the Lime model's experiences and future plans towards the end of the year.

After the info part, it is possible to participate in the responsibility part, which introduces the use of the Suppliers' emission calculator. The performance lasts 45 minutes and is held in Finnish via the Teams-application.

Alko publishes a Supplier Emission Calculator prepared by Gaia Consulting. The calculator can be used to estimate CO2 emissions from the manufacture and transport of products and their packaging. For example, the calculator can be used to calculate the annual emissions of the entire portfolio or to view and compare the carbon footprint of individual products. The counter covers the manufacture and transport of beverages, packaging and gift wrapping to Finland. Jatta Aho from Gaia Consulting introduces the background and use of the counter. The counter will be published in both Finnish and English after the supplier event.

Time: Wednesday 22 September 2021 at 09:00–12:15 a.m. The estimated duration of the info part is 2 hours. Thereafter, the suppliers can participate to the responsibility part starting at 11:30 a.m.


Please RSVP by Wednesday 19 September 2021 at the latest. You are welcome to attend; however, please note that the event will be held in Finnish. We will send a link for the event to participants when the registration is ended. A separate participation link will be sent to the responsibility section.

Best regards,
Anu Koskinen,
Executive Vice President, Assortment and Procurement