Central warehouse and shop delivery costs

Alko's central warehouse and shop delivery costs are presented in a table by volume classes. 

Volume classes and cost classes from 27 Sep 2022 onwards are:

Volume class (=sales volume per unit during a 12-month period) Cost in euro per literfrom 27 Sep 2022 onwards
over 25 000 units 0.47
4 000 – 25 000 units 0.67
under 4 000 units 1.33
sale-to-order selection 1.53
liquid cardboard packagings 0.31

The following cost classes are applied for new products:

  • for general selection products, specialties and seasonal selection products, the cost of volume class corresponding to the estimated demand in the tender
  • for sale-to-order selection products, the cost of the sale-to-order selection class
  • for bag-in-boxes and liquid cardboard packages, the cost of their own volume class.

As the sale-to-order product can be transferred to the general selection, the product will be transferred to the "under 4000 units" category. The product will be priced according to the new category in the next round of mass pricing.