Price calculator

The price calculator is meant for suppliers, and is to be used as a tool for calculating price estimates when making offers.

The price provided by the calculator is an estimate. Alko calculates the final retail price when the product is listed.

The retail prices of listed products are reviewed three times a year, according to the timetable for changes in prices and delivery terms. The timetable is included in the listing instructions.


How to use the calculator

  • Select the delivery method.

  • Enter the data that influences the price.

  • You will see an estimate of the retail price and a list of the values used in the calculation. You can save and print the calculation in PDF format.

Note to microbreweries

The explanation field for microbreweries on the price calculator has been updated to correspond to the new limits, and the tax relief percentages are correct. The table below shows the production volumes as per new legislation.



0 – 500 000 l


500 000 – 3 000 000 l


3 000 000 – 5 500 000 l


5 500 000 – 10 000 000 l


Changes to price and to mode of delivery for the price list period

Changes to price, delivery and distribution clauses for general and sale-to-order selection products must be made in Partner network or by using Alko’s offer form available at An authorization must also be enclosed, when needed.

If only the prices of products are changed, it is possible to agree on submitting the information as an Excel file. This file needs to include at least these information: Product number, product name, new purchase price and new retail price. The product number is determinant when prices are updated. In this case only the products with a change in purchase price are to be listed in the Excel sheet. The file is sent to at the latest on the day of notification shown in the listing instructions.

A changed prices list will be sent to the suppliers for checking. Supplier may request amendment to these prices in the following cases:

  • There have been used false pricing factors in the calculation (taxes, logistics costs, tax concessions for small producers etc.)
  • Product's deposit information is wrong
  • There has been made clear typo in a price input

Changes cannot be made to prices if the purchase and retail prices are calculated correctly in the offer, and Alko's pricing gives a same result.

The purchase price of a product cannot be changed for the first two price list periods after the product’s listing date. However a change in the mode of delivery makes an exception to the rule. If the delivery mode is being changed during the first two price list periods after the listing date, the purchase price has to be altered in a way that the retail price remains the same.

Changes in prices of specialty products and seasonal products cannot be made. When the delivery mode is being changed the purchase price of the new product cannot change for the first two price list periods after the original listing date.