E-learning of ethical principles

Alko provides this e-learning for business partners to ensure the understanding and the effects of responsible purchasing in practice.

The e-learning is comprised of 3 parts: Basic parts, self-evaluation and some tips for developing your own action.

After finishing this course, you are able to

1) recognize how the responsible supply chain can bring value added for your business
2) describe the content of the amfori-ethical principles and commit to them
3) recognize all the steps for building a responsible supply chain
4) take concrete action for building a responsible supply chain.

There are some exercises that needs some deliberation, so to get the maximum benefit from the course, we recommend that you reserve enough time to finish this course.

You can get into the e-learning by using the link below. You don’t need to register to get started. It is an open link to be shared with everyone working within your supply chain. We encourage your company to benefit this e-learning with your business partners for developing collaboration.

In the end of this course, you will be instructed how to send your credit to Alko. You need to complete the course at once, but the course includes a lot of material which can be useful to you later on.

It is recommended that you use a computer instead of mobile devices to go through the e-learning material.

Beverage suppliers are required to accomplish the course.


See the video and greetings from Marja Aho (Responsibility manager) and Mika Kauppinen (Senior category manager).

The document includes the mainpoints of Alko's e-learning course for ethical principles. The summary can be used e.g. in conversation with a producer.