Supplier Event 13 October 2015: BSCI and auditions.

Photo: Emöke Muzs and Kerstin Heath-Zamorano, UL Sourcing, in Espoo Hanasaari on October 13, 2015

Alko’s active membership in BSCI means a continuously deepening cooperation on supply chain social responsibility. In 2016, audits arranged by Alko will, in addition to production facilities, reach out to primary production.  In the beginning of 2016  Alko will launch a Code of Conduct e-learning targeted for our Suppliers where everyone will be able to study the topic also via concrete examples.

In the October Supplier Event we heard specialist guest speakers from UL Sourcingin, a consultancy who perform audits to clients like Alko, about the changes due to the BSCI Code of Conduct 2014 version and also very practical insights about what happens during an auditing day and typical onsite observations.

Please find the material presented in the even attached.

A typical auditing day

1:00:26 Before the Audit; Preparations by the Auditor
1:07:12 Audit Day
1:30:31 After the Audit
1:31:08 Typical Non-Conformances on Vineyards and Wine Production
1:45:04 Some Best Practices