Purchase Plan 1/2016

You can make offers to the searches of this plan between July and December 2015.
The products will then be in our selection between January and June 2016.
19.10.2015 Amendment to Purchase Plan 1/2016

Search RW151104: supplementary type changed to "dry" NOT "dry or medium dry; maximum sugar amount 18 g/l" as it was mistakenly put in the Purchase Plan.

30.9.2015 Amendment to Purchase Plan 1/2016

Search B151004; the offers for a pils from Germany are to arrive by 15 October 2015, even though the date is marked as 15 October 2016 in the Purchase Plan.

11.6.2015 Amendments to Purchase plan 1/2016

A printing error has occurred in two searches of Purchase plan 1/2016:

    Search RW151202, white wine from Spain: the price added
    Search RW151006, white wine from New Zealand: availability added

29.6.2015: Amendment to Purchase Plan 1/2016

Search W150703, non-alcoholic rose wine from Australia or Spain is a Service Product although it's under Main Products in the Purchase Plan.

7.7.2015 Amendment to Purchase Plan 1/2016

The search B151005 has been amended.

The listing month estimate of the search B151005 is April 2016.