Selection Plan 1/2022

You can make offers to the tenders of this plan between June and October 2021.

Selection Plan includes the tender requests for the general selection, specialties and seasonal selection. The products will then be in Alko's selection mainly between November 2021 and March 2022.

Information about the Selection Plan, Alko's Customer types and the tender requests are in the attachments. The tenders are published in Excel-table. Please notice the deadlines for sending offers and delivering samples. The tenders will be found on Partner Network the day after the release date.

Please notice in the seasonal products:

In this Selection Plan we look for Beaujolais Nouveau wines as seasonal products.

You will find all seasonal products in the Excel file by using the distribution level -filter and choosing “seasonal products”.

Amendments to Selection Plan 1/2022:

W211004 amended: send samples to arrive by -date.

B210903 amended: Alcohol % minimum to 4,5 percent.

S210903 amended: More accurate sub-region.
W211004 deleted: The grape variety must appear on the label.

SW210634 amended region of production DOC/DOP Vinho Verde sub-region Monção e Melgaço.

S210802 Added bottle size 0.7 litre.
PB210801 Amended to the Partner Network: Pricing group and taxation group: non-alcoholic.