Selection Plan 2/2021

You can make offers to the tenders of this plan between October 2020 and February 2021.

Selection Plan includes the tender requests for the general selection, specialties and seasonal selection. The products will then be in Alko's selection mainly between March and July 2021.

Information about the Selection Plan, Alko's Customer types and the tender requests are in the attachments. The tenders are published in an Excel-table. Please notice the deadlines for sending offers and delivering samples. The tenders will be found on the Partner Network the day after the release date.

Please notice in the seasonal products:

This Selection plan includes seasonal product tenders for summer wines, summer spirits and summer brewery products. The distribution time for these products is from 8 April to 14 August 2021.

The Selection plan includes also the tenders for Oktoberfest beers of which distribution time is from 26 August to 9 October 2021.

You will find all seasonal products in the Excel file by using the distribution level -filter and choosing "seasonal products".

The volume estimates given in the tenders are indicative and more accurate sales estimates will be given at the time of purchase when the listing is confirmed. Availability of the product must be at least the amount stated on the volume estimate.

Vintage changes for seasonal products are allowed before the listing date. The vintage that will be distributed to stores may differ from the approved sample if the vintage is more recent than the approved sample. The possible change of vintage must be mentioned on the offer and the new vintage must be available according to the initial listing schedule. Alko will check that the new sample corresponds in style to the approved sample in order to be accepted. This will be verified in accordance with Alko’s sensory evaluation and quality control processes. Before sending the new vintage sample it must be agreed with the product manager responsible for the seasonal products.

Amendments to Selection Plan 2/2021

The amendments have been updated to the tenders -attachment.

Added the tender SW201046
berry, grape and/or fruit wine or a wine based drink that has similar usage to wine and is a fermented alcoholic beverage (not fortified).

Amended the tender SF201002: Vermouths excluded from this search.

Amended the tender SW201046: Listing month June.
Amended the tender KW201009: Product type: white sangria. Previously this was written in Finnish also in the English version.

Amended the tender SW201007: Region of production Great Southern or its sub-region.

Amended the tender B201102: Container size amended: maximum 0.5 litres.

Amended the tenders KW201202, KW201203, KW201210, KW201213, KW201208, KW201215, W201102, W201104, W201105, W201107, W201108, W201202, W201203, W201204, W201207, W201208, W201209, W201210, W201212, S210104 Retail prices amended due to a tax increase.

Amended the tender S201204. Other criteria: Lemon liqueur.