Selection Plan 3/2021

You can make offers to the tenders of this plan between March and June 2021.

Selection Plan includes the tender requests for the general selection, specialties and seasonal selection.

The products will then be in Alko's selection mainly between July and November 2021.

Information about the Selection Plan, Alko's Customer types and the tender requests are in the attachments. The tenders are published in an Excel-table. Please notice the deadlines for sending offers and delivering samples. The tenders will be found on the Partner Network the day after the release date.

Please notice in the seasonal products:

You will find all seasonal products in the Excel file by using the distribution level -filter and choosing "seasonal products".

The price reduction system applies to all Christmas seasonal products excluding spirits.

More detailed information about the price reduction system and instructions for the Christmas season 2021 products will be found in the file: Instructions for the Christmas Season 2021 products.

Amendments to Selection Plan 3/2021:

S210402 Amended to Partner Network: Pricing group 2: Other spirits -> Pricing group 1: Vodka and spirits

SW210345 Amended: Organic white wine -> white wine. Wine does not have to be organic.

SW210345 Deleted: "Other criteria" from the English Excel-table: Single vineyard wine. The name of the vineyard must be indicated on the offer under additional information and on the label.

SW210352 added to the Excel-table (has been visible in the Partner Network the whole time).

W210405 Amended: Package: 1-litre PET-bottle.
SW210320 Amended: The product must be delivered in maximum cases of 6 bottles.

W210404 Amended: Packaging specified from plastic bottle to PET-bottle.

KF210304 Amended alcohol content: 15-22 percent by volume.

Amended on 24 February 2021