Smaller specialties: Instructions for offering smaller specialties

Smaller specialty products can be offered to Alko anytime. 

The smaller specialties are top class products especially for the enthusiasts, whose availability or demand is limited. As a general principle, products are available to customers starting always on a same day of the month with larger specialties.

Information about the offering procedure is in the attachment.

Smaller specialties offers for Christmas season 2021

Smaller specialties offers for Christmas season 2021 (November and December) should be sent by 29 August 2021 of those products that are available from Finland on 25 October 2021. If using Alko’s importation service, the listing dates depend on from where the products are being picked up. Part of the products using importation service will be listed in 2022.

The primary listing date for the Christmas season is on 25 October 2021 and the sales start on 4 November 2021.