Mulled wines for Christmas season 2018

Alko is searching for the following mulled wines for the Christmas season 2018. Please take into consideration when offering:

  • Viiniglögi

  • Väkevä viiniglögi

  • Glühwein

  • Aromatized wine

  • Aromatized fruit and/or berry wine

  • Non-alcoholic glögi

The product appearance must be suitable for the Christmas season.

An indicative minimum availability of the product is included in each of the Christmas season 2018 product searches. That is a suggested sales estimate based on the sales of the previous years. However, it is not necessarily the final purchase quantity. For each purchased product, the sales estimate will be defined after the assortment of mulled wines for Christmas 2018 has been confirmed.The distribution time is 4th October to 22nd December 2018 except for the search KW180207. The product of this search can be distributed until 31st March 2019. Contrary to other seasonal products, the products listed from these tenders can not be transferred to a main product in general selection or to sale-to-order selection after season.

The price reductions of mulled wines

In general the mulled wines and other related products of Christmas season 2018 will be removed from selection after 22nd December 2018. After this date, the products must not be distributed to shops any longer. The products distributed to shops before Christmas will be sold using the same price reduction system as previous year. The prices will be reduced only once and straight to 0-margin price on Thursday 27th December 2018. Half of the lost margin is compensated by the supplier. We will send an estimation of what the price would be after the price reduction with the tax information of that time. These estimations of reduced prices will be sent before the final purchase decision for the supplier to confirm.