Seasonal gift boxes for the Christmas season 2020

The process of the seasonal gift boxes for the Christmas season 2020 will change.

Instructions for the seasonal gift boxes 2020 have been updated on 29 April 2020 and on 22 May 2020. As previously informed, the process of the seasonal gift boxes will change. Seasonal gift boxes do not get own product numbers anymore meaning that the products will not be ordered as two different products in the future.

Please notice the changes compared to the instructions released on 9 April 2020. Despite the previous instructions the EAN code of the gift box does not have to differ from the EAN code of the bottle inside the box. Suppliers can also decide the distribution start from two options. Please read the instructions carefully.

You will also find specific instructions for the offering process attached.

Technically offers will be made in Alko Partner Network by using Product sheet's product change functionality. Updated on 22 May 2020: Please notice that the distribution start does not have to be filled twice when doing the offer as a product change in the Partner Network from on Monday 25 May 2020. The seasonal gift boxes will be available for Alko shops to order from 5 November 2020 or from 26 November 2020. The decided distribution start has to be mentioned only in in the Notes field.

Offers can be made from 30 April 2020 till 9 June 2020.