Putting customers first

Customer satisfaction is vital for Alko’s future.
That’s why ours is a story of responsibility, quality and service.

Changes in our operating environment

We must be able to react to changes in our operating environment, remain relevant, and maintain our customers’ trust every day and in every interaction.

How will individualism, alcohol policy, multi-channel operations and responsible consumer choices affect Alko in the here and now?
I believe that customers value personal service in particular. Expert service with a personal touch is clearly visible in both our stores and webshop.
Hille Korhonen, President & CEO

Best customer service in Finland

Personal, expert and end-to-end customer service lies at the heart of Alko’s operations. In order to better meet our customers’ needs, we redesigned our store concept and opened a webshop for consumers. 2016 also brought a recordbreaking score for customer satisfaction.

Expert service with a personal touch is now also available through Alko’s new webshop, which we developed in collaboration with our customers and sales staff.

Uncompromising quality safeguards the future

Alko’s good reputation rests on uncompromising quality criteria. We work hard every day to ensure the safety and quality of our products, and to develop our personnel’s competence. Transparency is also an important element in maintaining a high level of quality.

We presented our new store concept in 2016 – based on customer needs, our stores will become more diverse in terms of their size, atmosphere and operating models.

Responsibility at the heart of everything we do

At Alko, responsibility covers our entire organisation and all our operations, all the way from procurement to sales. We actively call attention to responsibility in relation to alcohol use and the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

In 2016, we highlighted openness and responsibility in the supply chain with the #Nofilter campaign, which asked, is responsibility real or just a gloss?