Services for an Operator Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Restaurant, café and catering entrepreneurs and event organisers can make purchases that are subject to a licence to serve alcoholic beverages from Alko’s stores or the online shop using the number of the serving licence. Information on store or online shop purchases made is automatically transferred to National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira on both purchase methods.

General information on acquiring a licence to serve alcoholic beverages

Commercial serving of alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 2.8% by volume is a trade subject to licence. You must apply for, and be granted, a licence by the Regional State Administrative Agency before you can begin serving alcohol commercially. The serving licence is specific to the trader and the premises. The licence is granted for an indefinite or a fixed period of time.

Read more about the acquisition of a serving licence on Valvira’s website.

Shopping in Alko’s online shop

  1. The information on the issued serving licence is provided by Valvira. When your company registers in the online shop, the system retrieves information on possible serving licence numbers from Valvira based on the company’s business ID.
  2. Allocation to the serving licence number. After logging into your business account, you can choose whether to order the beverages for the company’s own use or to allocate the purchase to the serving licence number. If your company has more than one valid serving licence, you can choose to which one you will allocate the purchase.
  3. Automatic reporting to Valvira. Purchases made with a serving licence number from an online shop are automatically reported to Valvira for information.
  4. Serving licences are specific to the premises. Please note that the serving licence is specific to the premises for which it was granted, and that we always deliver the products ordered from the online shop to the address mentioned in the serving licence.

If you want to report the products used for serving separately, you can do so by notifying Valvira.

For more information, visit our online shop.

Shopping at an Alko store

Information about purchases made under the serving licence is automatically transferred to Valvira when you provide your service licence number when doing business at the store. The usual payment methods of the store are applied as payment methods in stores. Business customer cards containing the data of customers operating in the trade of serving alcoholic beverages are no longer in use, and as of 18 May 2020, purchases cannot be made in the store on invoice.