Managing an Account

The business account must have an administrator who manages the user account. You can have more than one administrator for an account.

Administrator rights include:

  • Adding or removing users
  • Editing user permissions and limiting payment methods
  • Setting the credit limit for user-specific invoicing at
  • Tracking the progress of your orders.

End user’s rights include:

  • Placing orders according to the payment methods and credit limits granted to the user in question.
  • Tracking of the user’s orders.

Adding a new user

The administrator can add a new user by logging into the company’s online shop account.

  • A user is added in the My Alko section on the User Permissions tab.
  • For adding a user, you need the user’s name and email address.
  • You can assign either end-user or administrator permissions to a user.
  • An invitation link, valid for 24 hours, is sent to the added user.
  • The new user must then identify themselves in a one-time manner with Finnish personal online bank credentials.

Changing the administrator

To change a corporate administrator, the current administrator must issue administrator rights to the new user, after which the new administrator can remove the old administrator.