Unique craft beers

In February, we plan to spoil beer lovers, with 22 Finnish microbreweries bringing their showpieces to the shelves of our shops.

The beers have been specially made for us. There is something for everyone in this varied range, including rarities of interest to all beer buffs.

To check the availability of a beer in a specific shop, see the product card. We have purchased the beers in limited quantities – they will be available while stocks last.

Craft beers

Bryggeri Wald Forest Pale Ale

    Ruosniemen Lomittaja Mandarina Saison

      Hiisi Pöllöhillo Stout

        Suomenlinnan Kealakekua IPA

          Maku Farmhouse Ale can

            Orava Brewing Orwellian Nightmare Imperial Stout can

              Teerenpeli Hullujussi

                Laitilan Kukko Vehnä

                  Mallaskosken True Double IPA

                    Honkavuori Tupla-IPA 694

                      Kimito British Rye Ale

                        Radbrew Don Of Wasteland Saison

                          Rocking Bear Tuorsniemi Bitter Ale

                            Tuju Export Stout N:O 2

                              Lammin Sahti Naakka Strong Ale

                                Saimaan Pilsner Luomu can

                                  Flying Dutchman Gosh It's Posh Elderflower White Wine Sour

                                    Iso-Kallan Cardinal IPA

                                      Mufloni Hermansson Barley Wine

                                        Fiskarsin Drikkekammerat Pale Ale

                                          Malmgård Imperial Oatmeal Stout