Instructions for product changes and updated offer forms

Documents have been added and updated for the suppliers.
A new document including instructions for product changes has been added to product changes page to help the suppliers with the process requirements.

The offer forms have been updated according to the Listing Instructions. The offer forms can be found on page Blank-forms.

The followings have been updated to the the offer forms:
  • The delivery terms to all of the offer forms according to the Listing Instructions
  • The possibility of having Alko Online Shop as a delivery shop in addition to the other chosen Alko shops has been added to "additional information" field on the offer forms to Alko shops and to Alko central warehouse
  • "DAP Vuosaari Harbour" has been specified to the offer from for Alko's import service for DAP container deliveries
Please make your future offers using the updated offer forms. If you wish to send the offer as a scanned copy by email, the address is