January Briefing on Alko Online Store for the Suppliers

For the past few months Alko has been trying to form a logistic model for the Alko Online Store that answers to the received feedback, ensures the desired customer promise and works functionally from the supplier perspective as well.
We are now shaping a proposal that pays attention to the entire supply chain and its details. This logistic model is based on Alko’s own warehouse to which the products will be bought, but with the possibility of returning the products to the supplier if necessary. From technical point of view this model doesn’t require the supplier to make changes since in general the orders and deliveries take place the same way as with normal Alko shops.

We give more details on the logistic model as we do co-operation with the suppliers during January. We also look more into the matter on the supplier workshop in February, after which we inform you of the final logistic model.

We thank you for the good and constructive feedback you have given us on the matter.

More information:
Paula Kujansivu, Project Director (paula.kujansivu@alko.fi)
Mika Kauppinen, Category Manager (mika.kauppinen@alko.fi)