The listing date of products will be Thursday from 2 January 2017 onwards

Alko wants to offer its customers a similar customer experience in all its channels.
To ensure a multichannel customer experience that is similar in all the channels, Alko will move on 2 January 2017 to a model that:

  • The listing date is Thursday. On the given Thursday the distribution begins.
  • The sales of the product will begin in Alko shop and Alko online Shop on the following Monday.
The model ensures that the sales begin simultaneously on the same day in both of the channels , that the time for distribution to both Alko shops and Alko online shop is sufficient and that there is a possibility for the customers to collect the new products already for the weekend after the sales have begun.

The listing date of those products, that already have been given a listing date on a Monday at some point after the 2 January 2017, will be delayed to the Thursday of the same week.

More information: Mika Kauppinen, Assortment Manager (