Beefeater London Dry Gin plastic bottle

Colourless, dry, sharp, lemon peel notes, coriander notes, light juniper berry notes
Colourless, dry, sharp, lemon peel notes, coriander notes, light juniper berry notes
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    • ENERGY
      220.0 Kcal / 100ml
      48.96 EUR
      plastic bottle
      metal screw cap
      James Burrough
      Pernod Ricard Finland
      general selection
  • Taste

    Gin is a strongly flavoured colourless spirit. The only compulsory ingredient is juniper berries. Coriander seeds, angelica root, citrus peels, cinnamon, lavender, ginger, elderberry flower and many other spices are also used. However, the predominant flavour is that of juniper berries.

    Genever is a Dutch or Belgian juniper-flavoured spirit with a grainy aroma. Light yellowish oude genever has notes of grain and juniper berries, while the taste of colourless jonge genever resembles that of a grain spirit or a very light gin.

    Tips for use

    Gin and genever are commonly used in mixed drinks and as shots.

    G&T, i.e. gin and tonic, can be served from large balloon glasses, chilled with a single ball of ice and decorated with herbs, berries or pieces of fruit. The tonic is selected to best match the gin brand used.

    How to serve

    As shots, gins and genevers are served chilled, at 4–6°C.

    The alcohol content of gin must be at least 37.5% by volume, whereas genever can be milder.

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