Canti Raboso Rosé Extra Dry

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Dry, medium acidic, wild strawberry notes, raspberry notes, hint of lingonberry, Rosé
    12.0 g/l
    5.4 g/l
    70.0 Kcal / 100ml
    13.04 EUR
    0.1 €
    natural cork
    Fratelli Martini
    general selection

Sparkling wines and Champagnes made using the traditional method have notes of toast, rich bubbles and acids, and a round mouthfeel. Young, fresh sparkling wines are approachable, refreshing and fruity.

Spanish cavas are often characterised by grapefruit notes and crisp acidity. Champagnes have a round mouthfeel and lots of small bubbles, and crémants are fruity and fresh. Italian proseccos have delicious notes of fruits, pears and ripe citrus. Italian spumantes are sweet, yet refreshingly floral and fruity. German sekt is an uncomplicated wine for socialising and toasting, and New World sparkling wines offer a range of alternatives in terms of flavour and sweetness.

Sparkling wines and Champagnes are ideal for toasting, as aperitifs, for socialising or for serving throughout a meal.

Try a traditionally-made sparkling wine with tapas, savouries, fish and vegetable dishes. Sweet sparkling wines made from muscat grapes are excellent dessert wines. Make a fresh drink from trendy prosecco by adding red grapefruit juice or some other slightly bitter fruit juice in the glass.

Sparkling wines made using the traditional method are served well-chilled, at 8–12°C. Fresh, crisp sparkling wines are served slightly cooler, at 6–8°C.

A sparkling wine stopper will keep the bubbles in the bottle for several days, as long as the bottle is stored in the fridge. The fuller the bottle, the longer the bubbles will last.

Using a gel cooler stored in the freezer, you can chill a bottle from room temperature to the perfect serving temperature in about 20 minutes. In a large cooler or bucket filled with ice cubes and water, you can chill a bottle in 15 minutes.

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