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Dessert wine & other fortified wines
Dessert wine & other fortified wines
Seasonal Product!
Seasonal Product!
Red, dark cherry notes, raspberry notes, chocolate biscuit notes, cinnamon notes, light clove notes, hint of vanilla
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Red, dark cherry notes, raspberry notes, chocolate biscuit notes, cinnamon notes, light clove notes, hint of vanilla
  • Product details
    • SUGAR
      180.0 g/l
    • ACIDS
      3.5 g/l
    • ENERGY
      120.0 Kcal / 100ml
      8.53 EUR
      0.1 €
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      Pernod Ricard Finland
      Pernod Ricard Finland
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  • Taste

    Mulled wines are sweet, flavoured beverages that are served warm. Their ingredients include wine, strong alcoholic beverages (clear spirits, rum, brandy, Cognac), juice and spices.

    You can discern notes of traditional festive spices, such as clove, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and bitter orange peel, in mulled wines. Blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries, chocolate, nuts and almonds are also used to flavour many festive mulled wines.

    Tips for use

    The traditional way to enjoy mulled wine is to drink it steaming hot with raisins and almonds.

    Mulled wines pair well with a range of small snacks: savoury cheeses, autumn pies or tasty nuts.

    How to serve

    Serve mulled wine steaming hot, at around 75°C.

    Mulled wine can also be enjoyed cold: mixing it with sparkling wine creates a wonderful festive drink that you can top off with, say, cranberries and slices of lime.

    An unopened bottle of mulled wine keeps well for a long time. Mulled wine can also be used in baking: try mulled wine parfait or update the familiar cheesecake with a festive mulled wine glaze. Mulled wine also adds a nice touch to many wintry sauces and stews, as well as to various vinegar sauces for herring and Baltic herring dishes.

Any allergens possibly contained in the beverages are mentioned on the label. The manufacturer and importer of an alcoholic beverage are responsible for the quality and composition of an alcoholic beverage delivered for consumption, as well as for ensuring that the product and its labels and other product promotion are in accordance with the relevant provisions and regulations. Please note! The product image or vintage can differ from the distributed product.