Alko Pihlajanmarja Glögi carton package

Amber-yellow, cloudy, cinnamon-apple notes, rowanberry notes, ginger notes, light vanilla notes
1.0 l
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Amber-yellow, cloudy, cinnamon-apple notes, rowanberry notes, ginger notes, light vanilla notes
  • Product details
    • SUGAR
      140.0 g/l
    • ENERGY
      60.0 Kcal / 100ml
      3.3 EUR
      carton package
      Bonne Juomat
      Bonne Juomat
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  • Taste

    The modern production methods of non-alcoholic beverages are gentler than those used previously. The original flavours and aromas are retained, but the beverages lack the sharpness or warmth of alcohol.

    Non-alcoholic wines have a soft, juicy and often sweetish taste. Non-alcoholic beers are light and fruity.

    Tips for use

    Non-alcoholic beverages can be used in the same way as alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic wines and beers are ideal for light, fresh dishes.

    Considerate hosts also offer their guests a non-alcoholic option. Many people want to lead a healthy lifestyle or enjoy life without alcohol for other reasons.

    How to serve

    Non-alcoholic drinks are usually served well-chilled, at 6–8°C.

    Examples of the methods used to remove alcohol are the spinning cone column, vacuum distillation and reverse osmosis.

    Some of the products are naturally free of alcohol. They are made by adding extracted flavours to the beverage, which is then sweetened and, in some cases, carbonated.

Any allergens possibly contained in the beverages are mentioned on the label. The manufacturer and importer of an alcoholic beverage are responsible for the quality and composition of an alcoholic beverage delivered for consumption, as well as for ensuring that the product and its labels and other product promotion are in accordance with the relevant provisions and regulations. Please note! The product image or vintage can differ from the distributed product.