Orrefors Beer Taster glass 4 pcs

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Gifts & accessories
Gifts & accessories
A crystal Taster beer glass. This tulip-shaped glass is perfect for enjoying porter, for example. An excellent general-purpose glass. A set of 4 glasses. Orrefors has developed a glass for lager, a glass for pilsner and a taster for enjoying all the flavours and aromas of beer. Whether you are looking for a stronger aroma, clearer bitter notes, milder carbonation, a richer colour or a purer flavour, you will surely find the right glass in this collection of dishwasher safe crystal glasses. The glasses in this series are also available as a handy Beer Collection, containing all the three stylish glasses. Dishwasher safe.
    Lead-free crystal
  • SIZE
    Capacity: 47 cl. Height: 167 mm. Diameter: 85 mm.
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