Spice liqueurs

Old Pulteney Stroma

Amber-brown, full-bodied, warm, fruity, toffee notes
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Amber-brown, full-bodied, warm, fruity, toffee notes
  • Product details
    • SUGAR
      150.0 g/l
    • ENERGY
      250.0 Kcal / 100ml
      67.8 EUR
      metal screw cap
      Pulteney Distillery
      Quantum Beverages
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  • Taste

    Liqueurs are flavoured alcoholic beverages that are high in sugar.

    Herbal liqueurs have a strong herbal flavour, are high in alcohol and taste like medicine. Spice liqueurs are sweetish, moderately high in alcohol and usually taste of a single spice used as the main flavouring. Arrack punch is a liqueur flavoured with arrack that has a strong taste and resembles rum. You can discern notes of mint, tar, anise, nuts, coffee, vanilla, medicinal herbs, arrack and salty liquorice in these liqueurs.

    Tips for use

    Herbal and spice liqueurs are commonly served as shots or in mixed drinks.

    Herbal and spice liqueurs are served chilled on their own, mixed with soft drinks or other non-alcoholic drinks, and in cocktails.

    How to serve

    Liqueurs are served chilled, at 10–12°C.

    The flavours of liqueurs are created using flavour extracts, flavour distillates or ethereal oils. The flavouring agents are added to a base spirit, which can be a neutral spirit or some other distilled alcoholic beverage. Fruits, wine, eggs, cream or milk can also be used to enrich the flavour and structure.

Any allergens possibly contained in the beverages are mentioned on the label. The manufacturer and importer of an alcoholic beverage are responsible for the quality and composition of an alcoholic beverage delivered for consumption, as well as for ensuring that the product and its labels and other product promotion are in accordance with the relevant provisions and regulations. Please note! The product image or vintage can differ from the distributed product.