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Humalove & Atom Virgo Mexican Spiced Double Stout can

Stout & porter / Finland

Thornbridge Crackendale Citra Pale Ale

Ale / England

Thornbridge Melba Peach IPA

Ale / England

Tanker & Maku Päike Imperial India Pale Ale

Ale / Estonia

Donut Island Frisco Disco Citra IPA

Ale / Finland


Lager / Thailand

BrewDog Overworks Funk x Punk

Speciality / Scotland

Marston's Old Empire India Pale Ale

Ale / England

Hitachino Nest Lager

Lager / Japan

Fiskarsin Hilpeä Troikka

Pils / Finland

To Øl Destruktionsbajer

Ale / Denmark

Tsingtao Premium Lager

Lager / China