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Green & ethical

Wolfberger Crémant d'Alsace Rosé Brut

Crisp & fruity / France
Crisp & fruity
Sparkling wine & champagne | France
Brut, medium acidic, raspberry notes, cherry notes, strawberry notes

Le Brun Cidre Artisanal Rosé 4

Apple cider / France
Apple cider
Cider | France
Medium sweet, pink, fruity, blackberry notes, apple notes

Polly's Totally Not Enormous DDH IPA can

Ipa / Wales
Beer | Wales
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, cloudy, very strongly hopped, fruity, orangey, aromatic

Mallassepät Kultaranta Lager

Lager / Finland
Beer | Finland
Straw-yellow, medium-bodied, mildly hopped, malty, herbal notes, fruity

Mad Scientist Jam72 IPA can

Ipa / Hungary
Beer | Hungary
Amber-yellow, medium-bodied, strongly hopped, grapefruity, fruity, spicy
Green & ethical

Valdo Garda Brut

Crisp & fruity / Italy
Crisp & fruity
Sparkling wine & champagne | Italy
Brut, medium acidic, yellow plum notes, flowery, currant notes
Green & ethical

Gustave Lorentz Evidence Pinot Blanc Biologique 2018

Crisp & fruity / France
Crisp & fruity
White wine | France
Dry, acidic, fruity, herbal notes, aromatic

Thornbridge Yule Scotch Ale can

Ale / England
Beer | England
Chestnut brown, full-bodied, medium hopped, fruit cake notes, honey notes, malty
Green & ethical

Bergh Riesling Organic 2020

Crisp & fruity / Austria
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Austria
Dry, acidic, pear notes, green apple notes, peach notes, citrus notes, herbal notes

Pohjan Poika Viina plastic bottle

Spirit / Finland
Vodka & spirit | Finland
Colourless, sharp, broad
Green & ethical

Musa Twist & Stout

Stout & porter / Portugal
Stout & porter
Beer | Portugal
Black-brown, full-bodied, cloudy, with a rich head, medium hopped, toffee notes, chocolaty, coffee notes
Green & ethical

Mustan Virran Pistolekors Porter

Stout & porter / Finland
Stout & porter
Beer | Finland
Brownish-black, full-bodied, cloudy, medium hopped, toasted malt notes, plum notes, hint of chocolate, hint of mocha, spicy, soft, smooth