Dessert wine & other fortified wines /8 % /20% /1000+ € /Environmen­tally responsible packaging

Dessert wine & other fortified wines 8 % 20% 1000+ € Environmen­tally responsible packaging

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Radio Boka White Sangria

Fruit- and aromatised wines / Spain

G Luomuglögi Rosé

Mulled wine / Sweden

Juhla Glögi

Mulled wine / Finland

Dolce Vita Rosso Dolce

Dessert wines / Italy

Grenade Wine Semi-Dry Puolikuiva Granaattiomenaviini

Fruit- and aromatised wines / Azerbaijan

G Luomu Väkevä Punaviiniglögi

Mulled wine / Sweden

Sinä & Minä Marjaroseviini

Fruit- and aromatised wines / Finland

Back in Town Organic Glühwein

Mulled wine / Germany

Tio Toto Medium Sweet Sherry

Sherry / Spain

Blossa Ekologisk Vit Vinglögg

Mulled wine / Finland

Nordfors Luomu Punaviiniglögi

Mulled wine / Finland

The Rocky Cookie Glögg

Mulled wine / Finland