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Plevna Tomahawk IPA

Ipa / Finland

Helmeilevä Vadelma-mustikkaviini plastic bottle

Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines / Finland

Mallaskuun Extra Special Bitter

Ale / Finland

Xanté Coconut Cream & Pear

Cream liqueurs / Finland

Laitilan Imperiaali Stout

Stout & porter / Finland

Mustan Virran St. Olaf Pale Ale 1.2%

Ipa / Finland

Flying Dutchman Wake The Hell Up You Can Sleep In The Coffin Hazelnut Cappuccino Porter

Stout & porter / Finland

Chill Out Wine Spritzer Shiraz Rosé

Fruity / Finland

YES YES Apple Dry can

Apple cider / Finland

Ruosniemen Asentaja Caramel Lager

Dark lager / Finland

Hiisi Ruisperkele Extra IPA

Ipa / Finland

Masis Masisversary II Nomad's Farewell

Speciality / Finland