Berries and fruits /Grilled food

Berries and fruits Grilled food

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Green & ethical

2Naturkinder Silvaner PetNat 2019

Crisp & fruity / Germany
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Germany
Dry, acidic, apricot notes, pear notes, spritzy
Green & ethical

Torres Digno Riesling Rosé 2020

Dry / Chile
Rosé wine | Chile
Dry, acidic, citrus notes, apple notes, wild berry notes, minerally, herbal notes

Gatão Rosé

Medium dry / Portugal
Medium dry
Rosé wine | Portugal
Medium dry, acidic, fruity, strawberry notes, red berry notes

Hallonmäen Hallon Vadelma-Omenasiideri

Other cider / Finland
Other cider
Cider | Finland
Dry, ruby-red, fruity, citrus notes, fruit candy notes