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Bird's Tree Connoisseur Collection 2020 bag-in-box

Mellow & sweet / Hungary
Mellow & sweet
White wine | Hungary
Sweet, medium acidic, peach notes, lychee notes, honey melon notes, light rose notes
Green & ethical

Gere Villányi Rosé 2020

Dry / Hungary
Rosé wine | Hungary
Dry, acidic, cherry notes, red berry notes, minerally

Zwack Unicum

Herbal and digestive bitters / Hungary
Herbal and digestive bitters
Liqueur & bitter | Hungary
Amber-brown, full-bodied, sharp, sweet, rich bitter notes, medicinal herb notes, spicy, aromatic
    Green & ethical

    Pécsi Sör Bio Gluten Free

    Lager / Hungary
    Beer | Hungary
    Copper-yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, malty, creamy, hint of grass

    Patricius Tokaj Aszú 6 Puttonyos 2017

    Dessert wines / Hungary
    Dessert wines
    Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Hungary
    Sweet, acidic, apricot jam notes, citrus notes, light birch leaf notes, minerally, elegant, long

    Horizont Selfish Games Triple Ipa can

    Ipa / Hungary
    Beer | Hungary
    Yellow, full-bodied, cloudy, very strongly hopped, citrus notes, fruity, pine notes

    Rejiji Rocinante Chardonnay 2017

    Generous & toasty / Hungary
    Generous & toasty
    White wine | Hungary
    Dry, acidic, toasted, roasted, apple notes, pear notes

    Puklus Pincészet Tokaji Hárslevelü 2016

    Crisp & fruity / Hungary
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Hungary
    Dry, acidic, yellow plum notes, green apple notes, hint of lavender, light nutty notes, nuanced, long

    Molnár Paulus Gold Ezerjó 2018

    Crisp & fruity / Hungary
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Hungary
    Dry, acidic, green apple notes, peach notes, light herb notes

    Kék Kékfrankos Válogatás 2017

    Luscious & jammy / Hungary
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | Hungary
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, blackcurrant notes, light cranberry notes, spicy

    Balassa Furmint 2019

    Crisp & fruity / Hungary
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Hungary
    Dry, acidic, pear notes, peach notes, apple notes

    Bock Royal Cuvee 2013

    Nuanced & developed / Hungary
    Nuanced & developed
    Red wine | Hungary
    Full-bodied, tannic, blackcurrant notes, leather notes, oak notes