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Ratzingwer Ingwerlikör

Spice liqueurs / Germany
Spice liqueurs
Liqueur & bitter | Germany
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, warm, ginger notes, orange peel notes, vanilla notes, light spice notes

Leijona Minttu-Suklaa Shot plastic bottle

Spice liqueurs / Finland
Spice liqueurs
Liqueur & bitter | Finland
Colourless, full-bodied, warm, minty, minty notes, milk chocolate notes

    Poli Vaca Mora Amaro

    Herbal and digestive bitters / Italy
    Herbal and digestive bitters
    Liqueur & bitter | Italy
    Copper-brown, full-bodied, sweet, warm, bitter notes, eucalyptus notes, blood grapefruit notes, orange peel notes, herbal notes

    Bertina Cloudberry-Elderflower

    Berry liqueurs / Finland
    Berry liqueurs
    Liqueur & bitter | Finland
    Yellow, full-bodied, sweet, fruity, spicy

      Vilma Verigreippi plastic bottle

      Fruit liquers / Finland
      Fruit liquers
      Liqueur & bitter | Finland
      Reddish orange, cloudy, light, blood grapefruit aroma

        Gammel Dansk

        Herbal and digestive bitters / Denmark
        Herbal and digestive bitters
        Liqueur & bitter | Denmark
        Copper-brown, medium full bodied, dry, sharp, bitter notes, medicinal herb notes, ginger snap notes, light orange notes

          Edmond Briottet Crème de Cassis de Dijon

          Berry liqueurs / France
          Berry liqueurs
          Liqueur & bitter | France
          Violet, full-bodied, blackcurrant notes


            Herbal liquers / Germany
            Herbal liquers
            Liqueur & bitter | Germany
            Dark brown, medium full bodied, sharp, medicinal herb notes, hint of liquorice, spicy

              Leijona Salmiakki-Suklaa Shot plastic bottle

              Salmiac liqueurs / Finland
              Salmiac liqueurs
              Liqueur & bitter | Finland
              Mahogany-brown, full-bodied, salmiak notes, hint of liquorice, chocolaty

                Helmi Kahvilikööri plastic bottle

                Liqueur & bitter | Finland
                Dark brown, medium full bodied, coffee notes, powerfully toasted
                  Green & ethical

                  Licor 43 Chocolate

                  Cream liqueurs / Spain
                  Cream liqueurs
                  Liqueur & bitter | Spain
                  Chocolate-brown, full-bodied, soft, smooth, cocoa notes, creamy, milk chocolate notes

                  Disaronno Velvet

                  Cream liqueurs / Italy
                  Cream liqueurs
                  Liqueur & bitter | Italy
                  Pale, light, creamy, bitter almond notes, hint of caramel, rich, full-bodied