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A.A Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2021

Crisp & fruity / South Africa
Crisp & fruity
White wine | South Africa
Dry, medium acidic, peach notes, honey notes, citrus notes

Redoma Rosé 2019

Dry / Portugal
Rosé wine | Portugal
Dry, acidic, wild raspberry notes, blackberry notes, ripe cranberry notes, peach notes, oak notes, rich, full-bodied, slightly roasted

Graham's 10 Years Old Tawny Port

Port wine / Portugal
Port wine
Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Portugal
Reddish brown, sweet, hazelnut notes, date notes, raisin notes, light orange notes, chocolaty
Green & ethical

Joseph Mellot Sancerre La Chatellenie 2021

Nuanced & structured / France
Nuanced & structured
White wine | France
Dry, acidic, citrus notes, green apple notes, currant leaf notes

Ramos Pinto White Port

Port wine / Portugal
Port wine
Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Portugal
Golden-yellow, sweet, citrus notes, hint of honey, almond notes

Château Châtain Magnum 2016

Luscious & jammy / France
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | France
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, boysenberry notes, blackberry notes, plum notes
Green & ethical

Errazuriz Don Maximiano Founders Reserve 2008

Robust & powerful / Chile
Robust & powerful
Red wine | Chile
Extra full-bodied, tannic, boysenberry notes, blackcurrant notes, oak notes
Green & ethical

Il Monte Caro Valpolicella 2019

Berried & fresh / Italy
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, sour cherry, blueberry notes, spicy
Green & ethical

Savia Viva Organic Cava

Crisp & fruity / Spain
Crisp & fruity
Sparkling wine & champagne | Spain
Brut, acidic, ripe citrus notes, yellow plum notes, nutty, light creamy notes, toasted, roasted

Lakka Väkevä Viini

Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines / Finland
Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines
Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Finland
Golden-yellow, sweet, acidic, cloudberry jam notes

Errazuriz Las Pizarras Pinot Noir 2018

Berried & fresh / Chile
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Chile
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, ripe cranberry notes, wild raspberry notes, hint of thyme, light spice notes, balanced, elegant

Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy Shiraz 2019

Luscious & jammy / Australia
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Australia
Full-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, dark cherry notes, light clove notes, spicy, milk chocolate notes