Mixed drinks /8 € /3 l

Mixed drinks 8 € 3 l

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Breezer Orange

Fruity / Belgium

Koskenkorva Pure Cranberry can

Berried / Finland

Original Long Drink

Grapefruity / Finland

Greenall's London Dry Gin & Tonic Bitter Lemon can

Citrusy / England

Passoã Orange can

Fruity / France

Crabbies Original Ginger Beer

Flavoured and other / Scotland

Laitilan Brändy Long Drink can

Flavoured and other / Finland

Malibu Piña Colada can

Fruity / England

Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin & Tonic can


Tampere Gin Long Drink

Berried / Finland

Stone's Ginger Joe Strong

Flavoured and other / England

Aina Karpalolonkero plastic bottle

Berried / Finland