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Saku Porter

Stout & porter / Estonia
Stout & porter
Beer | Estonia
Dark brown, full-bodied, medium hopped, caramel malt notes, plum notes, chocolaty, slightly roasted, rich, full-bodied
Green & ethical

Rye River Nocturne Export Stout

Stout & porter / Ireland
Stout & porter
Beer | Ireland
Brownish-black, full-bodied, strongly hopped, toasted malt notes, plum notes, griddle pancake notes, light cocoa notes, hint of liquorice root

Weihenstephaner Korbinian

Strong lager / Germany
Strong lager
Beer | Germany
Brownish-black, full-bodied, with a rich head, medium hopped, toasted malt notes, plum notes, dried fruits, cocoa notes, rich, full-bodied