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Green & ethical

Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc 2021 plastic bottle

Nuanced & structured / Chile
Nuanced & structured
White wine | Chile
Dry, acidic, lime notes, yellow plum notes, currant leaf notes, hint of honey
Green & ethical

Evergreen Sauvignon Blanc 2021 plastic bottle

Crisp & fruity / Chile
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Chile
Dry, medium acidic, currant notes, peach notes, honey melon notes, light pear notes
Green & ethical

Espíritu de Chile Cabernet Carmenere Shiraz carton package

Smooth & fruity / Chile
Smooth & fruity
Red wine | Chile
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, queen's jam notes, arctic bramble notes, hint of cocoa

La Maschera Ok Rose 2020 carton package

Medium dry / Italy
Medium dry
Rosé wine | Italy
Medium dry, medium acidic, citrus notes, strawberry notes, raspberry notes, light flowery notes
Green & ethical

Scientifically Proven Italian Zinfandel plastic bottle

Smooth & fruity / Italy
Smooth & fruity
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blueberry notes, boysenberry notes, light fig notes
Green & ethical

Caravan Rosé 2021 plastic bottle

Dry / Australia
Rosé wine | Australia
Dry, acidic, peach notes, raspberry notes, light strawberry notes, slightly flowery
Green & ethical

Lobetia Tempranillo Shiraz 2020 carton package

Smooth & fruity / Spain
Smooth & fruity
Red wine | Spain
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, raspberry jam notes, plum notes, arctic bramble notes, light spice notes, vanilla notes
Green & ethical

Big Top Zinfandel 2020 plastic bottle

Luscious & jammy / United States
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | United States
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry jam notes, boysenberry notes, spicy, light notes of milk chocolate, hint of clove
Green & ethical

Cerro Blanco Organic Verdejo Chardonnay carton package

Crisp & fruity / Spain
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Spain
Medium dry, medium acidic, yellow apple notes, banana-like, light citrus notes, slightly flowery

Wine Tunes Rock'n Riesling 2021 carton package

Nuanced & structured / Germany
Nuanced & structured
White wine | Germany
Dry, acidic, citrus notes, green pear notes, peach notes, light whitecurrant notes, slightly flowery
Green & ethical

Lisbonita 2020 carton package

Luscious & jammy / Portugal
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Portugal
Full-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, currant notes, wild strawberry notes, hint of chocolate, spicy
Green & ethical

Zafaria Winemakers Blend Chenin Blanc 2021 carton package

Crisp & fruity / South Africa
Crisp & fruity
White wine | South Africa
Dry, medium acidic, ripe citrus notes, mango notes, green pear notes, light pineapple notes, hint of herb