Pork /3 l /can

Pork 3 l can

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Stone Delicious IPA can

Ale / United States

Humalove & Atom Virgo Mexican Spiced Double Stout can

Stout & porter / Finland

Karhu Tumma can

Dark lager / Finland

Ferdinand Albariño 2017 can

Crisp & fruity / United States

Stone Go To IPA can

Ale / United States

Olvi IPA Iisalmi Pale Ale can

Ale / Finland

Marsalkka Pils Luomu can

Pils / Finland

Collective Arts Guava Gose can

Speciality / Canada

Carlsberg Elephant can

Strong lager / Denmark

Maku Brewing IPA can

Ale / Finland

Olvi Tuplapukki 8-pack can

Strong lager / Finland

Rogue Cold Brew 2.0 Coffee Blonde Ale can

Ale / United States