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Tahko Luomu Gin

Gin / Finland
Gin and other spirits | Finland
Colourless, dry, soft, smooth, citrus notes, juniper berry notes, light tea notes

Helmi Kermalikööri plastic bottle

Cream liqueurs / Finland
Cream liqueurs
Liqueur & bitter | Finland
Light brown, full-bodied, creamy, milk coffee notes, toffee notes

    Scandinavian Laku Shot plastic bottle

    Salmiac liqueurs / Finland
    Salmiac liqueurs
    Liqueur & bitter | Finland
    Dark brown, cloudy, full-bodied, liquorice notes, salmiak notes, salty

      De Kuyper Butterscotch

      Spice liqueurs / Holland
      Spice liqueurs
      Liqueur & bitter | Holland
      Pale yellow, full-bodied, soft, smooth, cream toffee notes

        Nardini Grappa Bianca

        Grappa / Italy
        Gin and other spirits | Italy
        Colourless, medium full bodied, fiery, citrus notes, herbal notes, light flowery notes, hint of root vegetable

          Pramia Karparol plastic bottle

          Grog bitters / Finland
          Grog bitters
          Liqueur & bitter | Finland
          Bright red, medium full bodied, sweet, cranberry aroma, light bitterness

            Gin Mare

            Gin / Spain
            Gin and other spirits | Spain
            Colourless, dryish, aromatic, herbal notes

              Merlet Crème de Pêche de Vigne

              Fruit liquers / France
              Fruit liquers
              Liqueur & bitter | France
              Amber-yellow, full-bodied, soft, smooth, sweet, fruity, honey notes

                Limoncello di Sorrento

                Fruit liquers / Italy
                Fruit liquers
                Liqueur & bitter | Italy
                Lemon-yellow, cloudy, full-bodied, powerful lemon peel notes
                  Green & ethical

                  Hilly Red Cuvée 2019 plastic bottle

                  Luscious & jammy / France
                  Luscious & jammy
                  Red wine | France
                  Medium-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, blackberry notes, currant notes, hint of chocolate, spicy

                  FlipFlop Californian White 2020 carton package

                  Crisp & fruity / United States
                  Crisp & fruity
                  White wine | United States
                  Medium dry, medium acidic, ripe lime notes, pear notes, yellow plum notes, light flowery notes

                  Frame Riesling Trocken 2020 plastic bottle

                  Crisp & fruity / Germany
                  Crisp & fruity
                  White wine | Germany
                  Dry, acidic, yellow apple notes, citrus notes, pear notes, light flowery notes, hint of mineral