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Greener Planet Marsanne Chardonnay 2021 plastic bottle

Crisp & fruity / France
Crisp & fruity
White wine | France
Dry, medium acidic, apple notes, apricot notes, ripe citrus notes, slightly spicy

Laplandia Espresso

Flavoured vodka / Finland
Flavoured vodka
Vodka & spirit | Finland
Brown, sweetish, soft, smooth, spicy

    Propeller Gin

    Gin / Lithuania
    Gin and other spirits | Lithuania
    Colourless, dry, warm, juniper berry notes, citrus notes, herbal notes, hint of pine

      Antica Formula

      Vermouth / Italy
      Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Italy
      Reddish brown, sweet, herbal notes, spicy
      Green & ethical

      Expedition Torrontés Chardonnay 2021 carton package

      Mellow & sweet / Argentina
      Mellow & sweet
      White wine | Argentina
      Medium dry, medium acidic, fruity, honey melon notes, flowery
      Green & ethical

      Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz carton package

      Luscious & jammy / Chile
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | Chile
      Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blackcurrant notes, blueberry notes, dark cherry notes, light mocha notes
      Green & ethical

      Ponto de Partida Rosé 2021 carton package

      Dry / Portugal
      Rosé wine | Portugal
      Dry, acidic, citrus notes, blood orange notes, light strawberry notes, herbal notes
      Green & ethical

      Lisbonita 2020 carton package

      Luscious & jammy / Portugal
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | Portugal
      Full-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, currant notes, wild strawberry notes, hint of chocolate, spicy
      Green & ethical

      Woodie Rosé 2020 carton package

      Dry / Australia
      Rosé wine | Australia
      Dry, slightly acidic, ripe strawberry notes, light cherry notes, hint of liquorice

      Fabuloso Solera

      Brandy / Spain
      Brandy, Armagnac & Calvados | Spain
      Amber-brown, medium full bodied, warm, ripe apricot notes, raisin notes, nutty, hint of chocolate, toasted, roasted

      Soerlie VS

      Cognac vs / France
      Cognac vs
      Cognacs | France
      Amber-yellow, medium full bodied, youngish, sharp, sweet fruit notes, slightly spicy

      Old Pascas Dark

      Dark rum / Barbados
      Dark rum
      Rum | Barbados
      Amber-brown, medium full bodied, dry, warm, vanilla notes, arrack notes, spicy