Special Edition Products /10 € /30–50 € /0,75 l /synthetic cork

Special Edition Products 10 € 30–50 € 0,75 l synthetic cork

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Helbing Aquavit

Aquavit / Germany
Gin and other spirits | Germany
Yellow, dry, warm, cumin notes, liquorice notes, dried fruits, herbal notes, balanced

    Bertagnolli Bio Grappa Barrique

    Grappa / Italy
    Gin and other spirits | Italy
    Yellow, medium full bodied, youngish, warm, citrus notes, coriander notes, hint of herb, oak notes
      Green & ethical

      Controversy Pinot Meunier Rosé 2019

      Dry / England
      Rosé wine | England
      Dry, acidic, redcurrant notes, strawberry notes, light raspberry notes, slightly flowery

      Valamo Monastery Whisky Single Cask 603 Single Malt

      Fruity & aromatic / Finland
      Fruity & aromatic
      Whisky | Finland
      Full-bodied, golden brown, amber, malty, ripe fruit notes, hint of raisin, light honey notes, toffee notes
        Green & ethical

        Little Wonder Cabernet Noir 2018

        Luscious & jammy / England
        Luscious & jammy
        Red wine | England
        Full-bodied, medium tannic, boysenberry notes, ripe raspberry notes, cherry notes, herbal notes

        Opland Edel Madeira

        Aquavit / Norway
        Gin and other spirits | Norway
        Golden-yellow, dry, soft, smooth, fruity, cumin notes, spicy, oak notes, hint of sour orange

          Arctic Blue Navy Strength Gin

          Gin / Finland
          Gin and other spirits | Finland
          Colourless, dry, fiery, juniper berry notes, wild berry notes, light lemon peel notes, herbal notes, nuanced